Custom Land Cruiser Conversion

Welcome to the third installment in our four-part series Land Cruiser Troopy Camper Conversion. If you're new to the series and want to start from the beginning, click here for Part 1. In Part 3, we take a trip to Southeast Asia, while Alu-Cab installs a custom pop-top roof and R&D Offroad fabricates the interior. What follows is a photo and video pictoral of the fabrication work done while we were away. Thanks to Paul Marsh for the photos and video footage shown below.

From Stock Troopy to Overland Camper

During our travels in Southeast Asia, work inched forward. Juggling multiple projects, R&D and Alu-Cab chipped away at interior fabrication and the pop-top. The pace of progress was slow, which made us happy to be away, but increasingly antsy to get back.

After taking a break for the Christmas holidays, R&D Offroad picked up the project in January - gutting the interior and starting work on the floor, walls, and drawer system. The initial building blocks of what would become our kitchen, toilet, living area, and storage system.

CAD drawing of custom interior for Land Cruiser 78 Troopy camper conversion
CAD Drawing of Maggie's Custom Interior
Gutting the interior of a Land Cruiser Troopy in preparation for a new custom interior
Gutting the Interior

In February, the birch subfloor and walls were cut, fitted, and marked for placement of drawers and other components.

Installing the floor and interior during camper conversion of a Land Cruiser 78 Troopy
Installing the Interior

In March, R&D Offroad completed the frame for the drawer system and began the tedious process of ensuring that key components like cooking fuel, house battery, toilet, sink, and camping equipment fit as expected. Fortunately, everything fit to plan and the green light was given to move forward with construction of the drawer system.

Installing a draw system mockup in a Land Cruiser 78 Troopy to check sizing and placement
Checking initial drawer system mock-up for correct sizing and placement

On April 26, a much anticipated and slightly dreaded day finally arrived. It was time for Alu-Cab to install a new pop-top roof, the single most important component in our Troopy's camper conversion. Perhaps it goes without saying, but it was a calculated decision on our part to be absent when our Troopy's perfectly good roof was cut off to make way for the new pop-top. Here's a short video of the procedure.

Alu-Cab installing pop-top tent on a Land Cruiser Troopy
Alu-Cab Giving Maggie a Haircut to Make Way for Her New Pop-Top Roof
Installing Alu-Cab Pop-Top Roof on Land Cruiser Troopy
Ready for the New Roof
Installing Alu-Cab Pop-Top Roof on Land Cruiser Troopy
Our New Pop-Top - Ready for Installation
Installing Alu-Cab Pop-Top Roof on Land Cruiser Troopy
The New Roof
Installing Alu-Cab Pop-Top Roof on Land Cruiser Troopy
Roof Installed - Alu-Cab Begins Installing the Hatch, Tent, & Other Components
Land Cruiser Troopy Camper conversion at R&D Offload in Cape Town
Maggie Returns from Alu-Cab to begin Interior Installation

With our new Alu-Cab pop-top roof installed, R&D Offroad was free to move forward with the installation of the interior. By late May, R&D Offroad completed construction of the primary drawer system components and raced to get everything installed prior to our June 8th return to Cape Town.

But prior to installing the drawers, much prep work remained including: installing the Webasto diesel heater, insulating the interior, installing storage compartments inside left and right side walls, and wiring for outlets, LED lighting and other electrical components.

Installation of Webasto Diesel Heater in Land Cruiser Troopy
Webasto Diesel Heater Installation
Insulating the interior of Land Cruiser Troopy during camper conversion
View of Interior Following Installation of Insulation along Sidewalls
Running Electrical Wiring for Lighting, Outlets, & Other Electrical Components
Running Electrical Wiring for Lighting, Outlets, & Other Electrical Components
R&D Offroad Installing CTEK Battery Management System, Inverter, & Other Electrical Components in Land Cruiser Troopy
Installing CTEK Battery Management System, Inverter, & Other Electrical Components
R&D Offroad installing storage compartments inside walls of Land Cruiser Troopy
Storage Compartments Inside Driver Side Wall
R&D Offroad camper conversion of Land Cruiser Troopy
Hexa Grip walls with Storage Compartments, Webasto Heater, and Birch Floor Installed
R&D Offroad building drawer system for Land Cruiser Troopy camper conversion
Drawer System During Construction
R&D Offroad installs custom drawer system in Land Cruiser 78 Troopy
Drawer System Installation

With Alu-Cab's roof installed and R&D Offroad's drawer system nearly complete, the second phase of build work was coming to a close. In Part 4, we return to Cape Town to oversee the final two months of the build and prepare for departure. It was the most challenging and exciting phase of the project as we learned just how hard it is to transform ideas on paper into the polished end product we imagined at the start of the build.

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